University of Bath

Placements as a full-time Tier 4 visa student

Find out how your visa status affects the placement, or placements, you may do as part of your course.

Rules for Tier 4 students taking placements on their course

Full-time Tier 4 students can complete work placements during their time in the UK. However, part-time students on a Tier 4 visa are not allowed to undertake placements.

The placement must:

  • be an integral and assessed part of your course
  • take up no more than 50% of the total time that you spend on your course

You can work full time on a paid or unpaid placement for more than 20 hours per week if it is an integral and assessed part of your course. You must not be self-employed.

Adding a placement to your course

To add a placement to your course, you should ask your department for a change of circumstances form (with section C completed). You should then email your completed form to

If you want to add a placement to your course you will need to:

  1. Agree the change with your department, who will then submit a change of course form to the Student Immigration Service
  2. Make sure you have enough time left for study in accordance with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) time limit (i.e. you must be within the five-year time limit)
  3. Make a Tier 4 visa application

You may need to apply to extend your visa before you can add the placement to your programme.

Your faculty has staff dedicated to maintaining links with employers and helping you find a placement.

The Careers Service can also offer good advice to prepare you for interviews and applications.

Contact the Student Immigration Service for more advice.

Doing a placement overseas

If you do a placement overseas, the University will continue to sponsor you. You must follow the same guidelines at if you were working in the UK and keep us informed of any changes.

Deciding not to do your placement

If you decide not to do your placement you should:

  • notify your department
  • ask your department for a change of programme form (with section C completed) and get both your department and the Student Immigration Service to sign it
  • inform UKVI by completing the change of circumstances form

The Student Immigration Service will inform the Home Office that you will not be completing the placement year.

Your visa will also be cut short. It will remain valid for four months after the completion of your studies, but you must then leave the UK or apply for a different visa.

Your responsibilities while on your placement

You must respond quickly to all University communications to your University of Bath email address. You'll also need to provide your new address and contact details to:

You are required to tell the University and your employer about any unexpected absence e.g. taking a day of due to illness. For more information on your responsibilities please read our see our attendance monitoring policy.