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Proving satisfactory academic progress for Title IV Loan payments

You need to show that you are meeting the satisfactory academic requirements of your course to continue to receive loan payments during your time at University.

Your responsibilities

If you get US Federal Aid (subsidised, unsubsidised or PLUS), you must show that you are progressing satisfactorily towards completing your course. If you do not show this, you won't be eligible to receive Title IV Direct Loans. You must also show your progress if you receive other loan types, for example Sallie Mae, Americorps or Veterans Aid.

Make sure you read the full policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

You must pass your modules with a minimum pass rate of 40%. This applies to undergraduate and postgraduate courses. If you are a research student, we will ask your supervisor for confirmation of your progress.

In addition, you must:

  • not extend your course more than 150% of the published timeframe
  • remain enrolled on at least a half-time status

You must also meet the academic requirements of your course to continue studying. Meeting the requirements to retain your Title IV Direct Loan does not guarantee a pass rate for your course.

Complete the SAP form

You must complete the SAP form and return it to us no later than 10 working days before each loan payment. If we haven't received the form by this date, we will not pay you your next loan instalment.




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