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Research Grant Development

Information from Research Grant Development, to help you with developing your research and supporting your ambitions.

Information resources

Use our information resources to support you with successfully securing funding for your research.

Successful proposal library

See our Successful Proposal Library, from Research and Innovation Services. These are examples of research funding proposals which were successfully awarded by external funders.

Top twenty tips

See our Top Twenty Tips for writing a successful research funding proposal.

Institutional information

See our Institutional Information, for explaining in your research funding application about support structures and resources for your research at the University.

Applying for your first grant

See our considerations when applying for first or early career grants, if you are new to applying for research funding.

Setting the scene

See our 'Setting the Scene' information, for helping reviewers understand what your research entails.

Making the case for your research

See our Making the case for your research proposal, summarising what most funders want to know before funding your research.

How Research Grant Development can support your ambitions