University of Bath

Rooms at University of Bath in London

If you are a member of University staff you can book a room or area at our London venue, including the conference room, boardroom and general work area.

The reception at University of Bath in London
The reception at University of Bath in London

Making a booking

If you are a member of University staff, you can book rooms at our facilities in London.

You can book the full facility or individual rooms on an hourly or daily basis.

We will do our best not to change your booking. If we have no alternative we will notify you as soon as possible. If your requirements change please let us know as soon as possible.

Please use the form to make your booking.

Evening bookings

If your event runs past normal business hours, we will charge a nominal fee of £150 to cover the cost of reception staff. If you prefer, you can provide someone to manage the reception desk. They will need to be there by 4.30pm for handover. In this case, we will waive the nominal fee. Please contact us if you need more information.


We can arrange lunches, canapés, buffets and drinks receptions for over eight people. Tell us your requirements through the booking form and we will send you the menu and costs. You must place your order at least seven days before your event.

We have coffee, tea and bottled water available in the coffee area and reception. Drinks cost £1.50 each. Please pay at the end of your visit. If you would prefer us to add the cost to your booking fee, please let us know on the booking form. You can bring your own coffee or tea and use the kitchen at the venue for no charge.

The rooms

Download the floorplan to see the full layout.

The conference room

The conference room can seat a maximum of 60 people theatre style, and 35-40 people cabaret style. It contains a lectern and PC connected to two large monitors. You can also connect your own laptop to the screens.

Handheld and lapel microphones are available and there are four flipcharts and three whiteboards.

There are blinds on all porthole windows that you can operate by remote control.

A Hearing Loop is also installed in the conference room.

The boardroom

The boardroom can seat a maximum of ten people. It is soundproofed and the blinds can be closed, so is suitable for confidential meetings.

There is a large screen available. This can be connected to the built-in PC, your own laptop, or the video conference system. There is also a phone for teleconferences.

General work area

You can book individual seats or tables in this open area. Each table has a power supply. There are also two flipcharts and two whiteboards available in the room.


There are three booths which can be booked individually. Each booth can seat up to seven people and has an inbuilt PC.

Meeting area

The meeting area is suitable for up to 30 people. The tables can seat five people each and have a power supply in the floor below.


Entrance and reception, 83 Pall Mall