University of Bath

See the various programmes and courses available for staff

A list of programmes and course delivered at the University of Bath for the continuing professional development of staff

Programmes and courses

The University offers a wide variety of learning opportunities for staff, from lunchtime briefings to accredited programmes.

Download a summary of the University services available to support your development and access the relevant webpages directly.

General staff development courses

A variety of short courses and longer programmes, providing generic work skills for all staff.

Management Development

If you supervise or manage others, or if you aspire to in the future, you should find an appropriate course or programme to equip you with essential management skills.

Current programmes and networks

A summary of workshops and programmes specifically for managers.


A women-only development programme from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education.

Online resources

Development Toolkit Online advice, guidance and information to support managers and develop staff.

i-resilience questionnaire

An online questionnaire focusing on how managers can improve and develop their own resilience.

The Fast-Thinking Manager's Manual

Available as an e-book through the University library. Go to the foot of the page and click on 'connect to resource'.

Online Training

Equalities and diversity awareness

The online learning modules "Diversity in the Workplace" and "Unconscious Bias” can be completed at your own pace, and both are recommended for all staff and strongly recommended for managers working in our diverse and multicultural University. There is also an optional module 'Equality Analysis' . They will all help you gain the understanding and confidence to deal positively with diversity in the workplace.

Information Security

The security of information is of crucial importance to the University. The increasing use by many of us of mobile devices, the increased threat posed by cyber-attacks and the need to be aware of data protection requirements mean that we have now needed to significantly revise our information security procedures and documentation. All staff should ensure that any information they handle in pursuance of university business is managed appropriately. All Education and Research and Management, Specialist and Administrative staff along with managers in the Technical and Experimental and Operational and Facilities Support job families are strongly recommended to complete an online training module in information security. An optional extra module focusing in more depth upon research data is also available and is of particular interest to research-active academic staff. The modules are available in Moodle.

The Bribery Act 2010

The Bribery Act 2010 came into effect in July 2011. The Act has created a number of new bribery and corruption offences. The University, in conjunction with Marshall ACM, has developed an online training package which aims to provide staff with a basic understanding of the key principles of the Bribery Act, and its implications for the University. All staff are encouraged to undertake this training module, and it is mandatory for all those whose work means they are at an increased risk of encountering bribery activity.

IT Training

The IT training team will help you learn how to use common software applications, including the Microsoft Office suite, and systems used to manage information in the University such as SAMIS, Trent and Agresso.

Academic Staff Development

For anyone involved in academic activity, whether teaching or research, especially those who are new to the University or to an academic role, opportunities to enhance your academic and professional practice.

Researcher Development

Support, development courses, e-learning packages and more, to help you become more effective in your research and career.


The e-learning team provides support, advice and guidance to help you in identifying and integrating a range of learning technologies to create rich, dynamic and engaging learning environments.

Health and Safety Training

Find out more about the University's Health and Safety training.

External Providers

Opportunities are provided by numerous external companies and organisations, which your department may be able to pay for.