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The University of Bath coaching service for staff

Determine if the University Coaching Service is a suitable approach to help you address your career development or a specific work-related challenge.

The essence of coaching

Coaching is 'Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.'

Coaching is focused guidance and support, usually delivered by a trained internal or external coach over a fixed timescale, with the intention of helping a person with a particular challenge or transition. Coaches work with their coachees, on a 1-1, confidential and voluntary basis, to help them address specific work-related challenges around people or projects, or issues relating to career development. They do not fix the coachee's problems but use advanced skills of listening, questioning, feedback and reflection to create highly effective conversations with a range of techniques and diagnostic tools at their disposal.

Coaching is a confidential process which aims to help you discover how to address your challenges; develop greater self-awareness; identify goals and potential barriers; develop appropriate skills and strategies and feel empowered to take action. If you have management/leadership responsibilities, this may result in enhancing your ability to lead and communicate with others.

Coaching can help in these scenarios:

  • Talented staff with potential can be developed ahead of time
  • Can generate ‘creative reflective space’ which fosters innovative thinking
  • Can help build resilience of individual and their team
  • Improve coachee's ability to relate to and influence others; to manage his/her time or how s/he comes across.

'13 Myths About Coaching' is useful for anyone considering coaching support and explains why coaching is not the right solution for everyone all of the time.

Coaching normally involves four 90 - 120 minute meetings, one every 3 - 6 weeks, arranged at a mutually convenient time for coach and coachee and set up from the start. The meetings are usually completed within 6 months and although coaching relationships can vary in length, it is not anticipated to extend past 12 months. After a few sessions, Coach and Coachee will review progress towards the Coachee’s goals and agree if more than 4 sessions are needed.

University of Bath Coaching Service

Bath launched its Coaching Service in February 2015 to provide access to internal and external Coaches for staff employed by the university to help them address specific work-related challenges or career development. When you have read all the information, if you feel coaching is the right solution for you and you have the agreement of your manager, your first step is to decide between an internal or external coach.

Internal Coaching Network

The network comprises of Coaches from a wide range of academic and professional services roles across the University, a diversity that brings valuable perspectives and understanding to the coaching role. They take on coaching assignments in addition to their main job roles and responsibilities and, unlike Mentors, do not need to have expertise in the work or discipline area of their Coachee. They will not be matched with a Coachee in the same department or anyone with whom they have a close working/personal relationship.

All Coaches have undertaken a rigorous training programme leading to Level 5 ‘Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring’ from the Institute of Leadership and Management. They receive supervision from an external supervisor and take part in continuing professional development events. They agree to adhere by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council's Code of Ethics.

The service of internal Coaches is free. Read what staff who have been coached by internal coaches say about its impact.

External Coaches

We maintain a register of approved Executive Coaches and provide a brokerage service to help individuals source the most suitable external Coach. The costs of the coach are paid by the Department or Coachee and we assume that manager's permission has been gained, as meetings usually (but not always) take place during working hours. For information about the range of fees, contact

Requesting coaching

If you are requesting coaching, either using our internal coaching network or requesting an external coach, please complete the request form.

You will receive acknowledgement of your email, and will be asked for some further information to consider the suitability of coaching for you, or whether other support might be more appropriate and to match you with the most appropriate coach.

Coaching skills for managers

Coaching skills are incorporated into many of our longer, award-bearing management development programmes and a one day Coaching Conversations course.

Determining if coaching meets your needs: further information

Review the additional information below to help determine whether coaching is suitable for your needs:

Strengthscope® profiling tool

Strengthscope® is a strengths-based assessment tool designed to help people overcome challenges at work and perform at their best.