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Updating your profile on Pure

How to update your profile on Pure, including adding research interests and adding a photo.

Accessing your profile on Pure

  1. Log in to Pure
  2. Click on ‘Edit profile…’

Writing your research interests summary

You should use your profile to explain your research to a wide audience. You should make sure your content is accessible to those unfamiliar with your role. Avoid using technical terms and acronyms.

You should familiarise yourself with the principles of writing for the web.


  • keep your content simple
  • write concisely and in plain English
  • use short sentences and break up your text into paragraphs
  • consider breaking up long sentences or paragraphs into bulleted lists
  • create links to your project web pages and other relevant sites
  • use headings to break up content
  • write about your research in the first person


  • go over 250 words for your research interests
  • include information about your personal life, for example marital status, children, hobbies and so on

Adding your research interests summary to Pure

Go to your profile and go to ‘Curriculum and research description’. Select ‘Add profile information’. Add your content to the ‘Research interests’ box.

You can paste straight from a Word document and it will keep all formatting such as links, underlining, bold, etc. Make sure you use the ‘Paste from Word’ icon.

Make sure you only add one ‘Research interests’ section.

Uploading your profile photo

Finding a suitable profile photo

Profile images must use 1:1 aspect ratio. This means they should be square; the width should be the same size as the height.

These images should be at least 500 pixels wide and 500 pixels tall.

The photo should be in colour, not black and white.

If you do not have a professional photo then you can arrange to have one taken. You can do this through your Departmental Coordinator (or the Research Office for School of Management).

Uploading your profile photo

Go to the section ‘Profile photos’ and click on ‘Add file’.

You can add multiple images, but only the first one uploaded will be shown on your profile.

All photo files should follow these naming conventions:

  • all letters must be lowercase
  • must use hyphens to separate words for readability, not underscores or spaces
  • don’t use punctuation
  • don’t include version indicators like 'v4' or comments like 'final'

For example: john-doe.jpg

Indicating your ability to supervise research students

Edit your profile and go to ‘Portal details’. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ below ‘Willingness to take Ph.D. students'.

Once this feature is enabled, a line will appear on your profile saying “Accepting PhD students” if you’ve selected ‘Yes’.

Adding links to social media or personal websites

Go to ‘Links’ and click on ‘Add link’ to add a link. You can add an optional description and select a link type from the drop down menu.

The links will show up as icons below your profile photo. If you don’t select a link type the link will show up as a globe icon.

Changing your fingerprints

To remove your fingerprint concepts:

  1. Click on the ‘Fingerprints’ tab (on the left).
  2. Scroll over the concept you want to remove.
  3. Click on the red cross.

To switch the fingerprints off on your profile page:

  1. Click on the blue ‘On’ button and this will change to ‘Off’.
  2. Click on ‘Save’.

Other questions

Email if you’ve got any questions about your Pure profile.