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US loans enrolment notification

How we inform the US Department of Education and loan servicers of your enrolment status.

Your mode of attendance status

In accordance with Federal Regulations, we must report your mode of attendance (for example full-time or less than half-time) and any changes to your enrolment status to the US Department of Education. We use the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) to make these reports. Any information on the NSLDS is available to other loan servicers who may also have provided you with a loan.

If you are not taking out any Title IV Direct Loans but you want to have your mode of attendance status reported via NSLDS, email


If you need to suspend your studies for more than 180 days for personal reasons or ill health, you will be reported as 'withdrawn' (W).

When you receive your degree award you will be reported as 'graduated' (G).

If you are a postgraduate master's student, you will be reported as 'less than half-time' (L) at the end of the academic year. When your graduation has been confirmed, your status will be changed to 'graduated' (G).

These statuses are only for NSLDS reporting purposes.

How your status affects deferment requests

If your mode of attendance is reported as 'less than half-time', 'withdrawn' or 'graduated', you won't be eligible for any in-school deferment requests. You should refer to your loan repayment terms when you make changes to your studies.

How submitting your PhD thesis early affects your status and loan

Let us know as soon as possible if you plan to submit your thesis earlier than the maximum registration date on your student record (SAMIS).

After you submit your thesis, the majority of the academic activity that leads to your degree will have been completed, and we will update your enrolment status to 'less than half-time'. Your loans will go into repayment from this date and any repayment grace periods will start.

US regulations do not allow Federal loan funds to be disbursed after your enrolment has changed to 'less than half-time'.

If you submit your thesis early and are owed any outstanding loan instalments, we will not be able to make any further payments to you.

If you submit your thesis and have already received an instalment for that term, you might have to return it. Check the guidance on returning your Title IV Direct Loan for more information.

After graduation

You must tell us of any changes to your address, employer details after graduation or contact details for your loan reference. We will then make sure your details are correct and update the NSLDS.

You must complete a Leaving University Contact Details Form before completing your studies and email this to




+44(0) 1255 383019


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