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Using your Eat and Drink credit

How students in catered accommodation can use Eat and Drink credit to buy food and drink in the campus eateries.

Serving food in lime tree
Use your Eat and Drink credit to buy food in our outlets like the Lime Tree

About Eat and Drink credit

If you are an undergraduate student living in The Quads, Polden Court, Brendon Court or the shared rooms in Woodland Court, you can use your library card to buy food and drink in the eateries on campus.

You can't buy alcohol with your Eat and Drink credit.

Eat and Drink credit is added from your accommodation fees to your library card in three instalments. The first is in September, the second in January and third in April.

The amount of credit you get depends on the accommodation you live in. You only pay for 33 weeks worth of credit and we give you another 10% credit free. This is due to the changes in our eateries opening hours over Christmas and Easter.

Accommodation Cost of credit Credit received
Brendon Court £50 £55
Polden Court £50 £55
The Quads £25 £27.50
Woodland Court (en-suite shared rooms only) £25 £27.50

Paying for food and drink

Give your library card to the member of staff at the till. They will swipe the card through the till and the cost comes off your Eat and Drink credit balance.

If you don't have enough credit on your card you have to pay for any outstanding amounts.

Checking your balance

Ask any Eateries staff working at a till to check the amount of credit on your card.

Unused credit

You can carry unused credit over to the following academic year.

Where you can use Eat and Drink credit

You can only use your credit to buy food and refreshments in the University's eateries.

Lost cards

If you lose your card you should:

  1. Report it by emailing the Accommodation Centre - they will freeze your credit to stop anyone from using your balance.

  2. Visit the Security desk in the Library to get a replacement card.

  3. Give the Accommodation Centre staff your new library card - they will transfer your balance.

You can then continue using your library card to pay for food using your Eat and Drink credit.