University of Bath

Year 12 Social Sciences Summer School

A chance for under-represented Year 12 students to experience what it's like to study social science subjects at a leading university and live on campus.

Two male students sat in front of a computer during the summer school.
Summer schools provide an opportunity for Year 12 students to experience university life

What to expect from the Summer School

This Summer School is for students thinking about studying a social science, psychology or education degree.

Students who attend should be academically gifted, under-represented and have a background that may make them less likely to go to university.

This Summer School is free and includes meals, accommodation and travel.

Students will live in university accommodation and take part in academic and social activities. They will also meet Year 12 students from other schools and colleges.

This page has the dates for the next Summer School.

Academic workshops

These workshops will complement and enhance the A Level curriculum and develop their independent study skills.

Your students will:

  • work on a mini research project to learn about the research process
  • attend lectures to improve their subject knowledge
  • take part in interactive seminars
  • discuss ideas with our lecturers and current students

Summer School themes

Your students will need to prioritise the following project that they would like to explore at the Summer School when they complete the application form.

Education and Social Equality - This theme will explore what inequality is, why and when it matters and how education can be a tool to reduce inequality and improve social mobility.

The Politics of Representation - This theme will consider topics such as media stereotypes and online identities and explore the extent to which these representations create patterns of inclusion and exclusion across society.

From Barbie to Grand Theft Auto: gender, video games and learning science - This theme will explore gender differences in playing video games and whether video gaming helps students learn science.

The future of the United Kingdom - This theme considers the health of the United Kingdom as a political entity, asking whether, faced with the pressures of Brexit and resurgent nationalism across the constituent nations, the Union is in danger of breaking apart, or its best days still lie ahead.

Migration and its consequences – is it all that bad? - This theme will explore factors behind various types of migration, patterns of migratory movements and the impact they may have on the countries of origin and destination.

Preparing to apply for university

Your students will get information about:

  • the life of a student at a leading university
  • how to choose the right university course
  • how to make a high-quality UCAS application
  • how to manage the financial side of university, including fees and funding

Social opportunities

Your students will have the opportunity to:

  • take part in activities in our Sports Training Village
  • take part in workshops in our new arts centre, The Edge
  • explore Bath and see some of the sights the city has to offer

Entry requirements

Your students must:

  • be currently studying a Level 3 course such as A Level, BTEC or IB which includes at least one subject involving essay-writing as part of the assessment
  • have 6 GCSE passes (including Maths, English and a Science, grades A*-C)

They must also meet the widening participation criteria.

Our other Summer Schools

We also run separate Science and Engineering Summer Schools.

Watch this video of a Summer School with your students to see what to expect