University of Bath

Your University IT account

Find out about your University IT account. You will need one to use IT resources.

University accounts

Students and staff receive a full user account:

  • Students will be notified of their account details via email. Accounts will be activated once they have registered with the University.
  • Staff should go to the IT Service Desk in the library with either your library card or your contract and a form of ID to request an account.

Other people, such as volunteers or visiting staff, can receive tailored access to University IT resources by filling an IT Approval Form and sending it to their Designated Maintainer

Conference accounts

The conference organiser may grant attendees access to the IT Services at the University. You will be contacted by the organiser with further details about your Conference account.

Web application access accounts

Web Application Access Accounts (WAAA) give access to online applications like Moodle, the Learning Materials Filestore (LMF) and internal wikis. IT Support or the IT Service Desk on level 2 of the library will be able to help you with this.