Department for Health


Public involvement in health research

People with experience of a particular health condition, service users and members of the public can all help to improve health research.

Our Participate Network is made up of people who are willing to be involved in planning, developing and participating in health research studies.

Members of the Participate Network get involved in three different ways:

  • Research Panels – if you have a particular health problem or issue
  • Research Partners – if you have a general interest in commenting on health research
  • Research study participants – if you are interested in taking part in specific studies or trials

People benefit from getting involved in research by:

  • Gaining new skills and confidence
  • Learning about the research process
  • Improving research – leading to better treatments and services
  • Meeting new people and being part of something positive

Researchers benefit from public involvement in research by:

  • Finding out what is important to people with a particular condition
  • Learning what it feels like to have a health problem or to be a carer
  • Better quality research that runs smoothly and recruits successfully
  • Increasing chances of getting funding and making real improvements


Samantha Barrett (Research Governance Facilitator)
email: | Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 4034