Department for Health

'If Only' Competition

Wed Aug 15 11:50:00 BST 2012

ifOnly-opening-page1-e1336664613565The 'If Only' competition at the University of Bath invites designers of all levels and backgrounds to create unique and innovative design solutions that could make a real difference to the practical problems and functional limitations experienced around the home by older and disabled users.

A little about the competition

We have asked older people and those with disabilities to upload videos of practical problems that they have experienced around the home whilst about their everyday lives.

These videos have been uploaded to our website and are also available on our free app. This video and photo library facilitates in inspiring designers to develop a novel technology though the focus is on the challenges faced by older and disabled people, but the we encourage the applicants to allow for the widest possible range of ability (universal design) when considering their product.

Applicants are asked to send their designs to the University of Bath where a winner will be decided by a panel of experts. The winning designer will receive a £5000 cash prize and will retain IP rights to the design with being entitled to all royalties gained as a result of the sales of the product.

How could you contribute

In order to expand our reach and get more networks on board we request you to kindly pass on the word to your friends and associates who would be interested in this competition. It would be great if you could please forward to, a contact of your previous university so that we could advertise this great opportunity to them as well. Also, to inspire the great minds indulged in creating a design we are also collecting videos for our video library (accessible on our Facebook account and Website).

Please help in uploading a video for any elderly or disabled person distressed by functional limitations of their everyday use products.

For more information about the competition you can also visit our website or our facebook, youtube and LinkedIn pages.