Department for Health

Researchers want overweight men to take part in new 'HIT' exercise study

Fri Jan 17 11:30:00 GMT 2014

HIT research studyScientists from the Department for Health are looking for overweight men aged 18 – 55 to take part in a new study to find out more about the health impacts of short bursts of exercise.

The researchers are looking for overweight men with two or more of the following health risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fats and / or high blood sugar levels. Men diagnosed with metabolic syndrome are also invited to participate.

This study will directly determine the impact of an innovative new exercise routine called HIT, which consists of just three 10-minute exercise sessions per week. The health benefits of HIT will be directly compared to the standard government activity recommendations (30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on 5 days of the week).

Participation in the study will involve completing two 6-week supervised training periods with health and fitness tests both before and after.

Commenting, lead researcher Dr Niels Vollaard said: "Our novel HIT exercise routine can make a big difference to people’s health with a very small amount of exercise. We hope that if enough people start doing HIT we can stop the rapid increase in diseases like Type 2 diabetes."

Previous research related to this area of work featured on the BBC Horizon documentary 'The Truth about Exercise', and a book about HIT written by Dr Michael Moseley is currently topping the Amazon bestseller book chart.