Department for Health

Sport and Social Sciences student elected as Students' Union President

Tue Mar 18 12:52:00 GMT 2014

The Department of Education is pleased to announce that final year Sport and Social Sciences student Jordan Kenny has been elected as Students' Union President for 2014/15.

This year saw a record turnout with 4563 students voting (29.1% of eligible students). The Students' Union highlighted the support received from across the university for the elections: "The strong student representative system that we enjoy here at Bath is vitally important to both students and the University as a whole. This year’s elections have received fantastic support from many members of the University, including the Vice Chancellor, and tutors and academic staff, who have allowed the candidates to do ‘shout-outs’ in their lectures."

"We should like to thank all those who have supported these elections for the part they have played in making them the most successful yet."

Congratulations to all those elected to the team for 2014/15. More details about the elections and about the rest of the student team can be found on the Students' Union website.