Department for Health

Could walking to work help fix the nation’s health woes?

Fri Nov 14 15:50:00 GMT 2014

A total of 678 people from 84 workplaces in Bath, Swansea and South Gloucestershire will be recruited to the new study, led by the University of Bristol in collaboration with the University of Bath and the University of Swansea.

The study, funded by the NIHR, will look at the effectiveness of employers encouraging staff to walk to work as well as comparing the estimated costs of developing such schemes to the benefits of a more active workforce and a reduction in car use.

Dr Audrey, from the School of Social and Community Medicine at Bristol University, said: "There is evidence of a link between adult obesity levels and the way people commute to work. Walking to work is an ideal way for some adults to include moderate exercise in their daily routine and help them reach the recommended levels of weekly physical activity."

Results of the study are expected in early 2018.

Further information about the project is available from the NIHR website »