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Graduate highlights new training models for endurance sport

Fri Aug 28 17:02:00 BST 2015

A recent graduate from our BSc Sports Performance programme has been presenting their research in training models for endurance sport at a national conference.

Recent graduate Eva Piatrikova

Eva has been presenting her research in training models for endurance sport at a national conference.


Eva Piatrikova conducted research that aimed to initiate a dialogue between science and practice. The research will help sports performance coaches in the application of cutting edge scientific theory to the athletes they work with.

As part of Eva's research for her dissertation she designed a new model and used it to monitor an athletes training over a 23 week period. The model allows coaches to collect data on training volume and intensity and is uniquely underpinned by sound scientific principles related to monitoring internal workloads across the different disciplines of triathlon. This in turn allows coaches to more carefully examine the application of training principles in applied contexts.

The Endurance Research Conference was held at the University of Kent between 2-4 September.

The conference was also attended by James Fern and Nicholas Willsmer from the Department for Health.

Following the conference Eva's dissertation is to be put forward for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) undergraduate dissertation of the year (a first for a Sports Performance graduate).