Department for Health

Alumni students share careers advice

Fri Nov 13 16:29:00 GMT 2015


Alumni students Emilie Sauven, Kimberley Murray, and Iain Templeman at the Careers event

— Alumni students Emilie Sauven, Kimberley Murray, and Iain Templeman at the careers event.


On Friday 6 November 2016, three alumni from the Department for Health returned to the campus for the day to speak to current undergraduates about their careers since finishing their studies.

The returning students were:

  • Emilie Sauven (Performance Analyst, British Sailing; graduated 2009)
  • Iain Templeman (Former BUPA Health Advisor, now PhD Student; graduated 2012)
  • Kimberley Murray (Exercise Physiologist, Sport Scotland; graduated 2011)

Final year BSc Sport and Exercise Science student, Hannah Manley, shared her thoughts on the careers seminar: "The careers seminar helped me think of many different things that could assist me in getting to my career goal, ones that I have never even considered before. The seminars are really useful to students who are also unaware of the different paths that may be available to them after this programme and gives a real insight into what each job entails. It helps get your mind into gear and focused on what you want to achieve, getting you excited about where you want to end up”.

Organiser of the seminar, Dr Rachel Arnold, said: “It was terrific to see so many students in attendance at Friday’s careers seminar, with lots of questions asked to the speakers and networks formed at the end of the talks. We aim to run these careers seminars once a semester for students in the Department to give them some insight into the various careers that individuals on their programmes progress onto post-graduation and any lessons they have learnt en-route!”

Careers Advisor, Ghislaine Dell, was also in attendance at the seminar. She said “These sessions are so useful for current students as they give a warts-and-all account of what is necessary to build a career in the competitive world of sport, exercise, and health, with hints and tips that will make a real difference to them”.