Department for Health

Participants wanted for study into developing information resources to support healthy lifestyle change

Thu Jun 23 10:47:00 BST 2016

Researchers from the University of Bath are working on a study helping people understand why the body works in certain ways, and how different things in our lives affect our bodies.

In order to help people understand more about how their lifestyles affect their health researchers have developed some information resources and now need your help to test them. The resources could help people to make some positive changes to improve their health. The responses from participants will help us to make better information resources that will hopefully help more people to lead healthier lives.

The study is looking for people who are:

  • 40-74 years old
  • not very active and/or are carrying a few extra pounds of weight
  • fluent in written English and have access to the Internet

This study has three parts for each participant to complete:

Part 1 - Online questionnaire that will ask for a few details about your current lifestyle as well as what you think about certain health issues. This should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Part 2 - On completion of the first questionnaire participants will be sent a booklet of information resources in the post. Participants will be asked to read the booklet at least once but you will be able to choose when and how you do this. After one week participants will return the booklet to the researchers. (A pre-paid envelope is provided to do this).

Part 3 - The final part of the study is another online questionnaire and takes place two weeks after participants have returned the booklet. This questionnaire will ask what you thought about the booklet and have some more questions on different health issues. This should take about 30 minutes to complete.

Participants can be reassured that the information they provide will be stored confidentially and securely.

All participants will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win one of three prizes - Amazon vouchers worth £100, £50 or £25!

Further information

If you have any questions about the study or you are interested in taking part please contact Lis Grey at or phone 01225 383589.