Department for Health

Research impact

Our research has generated significant impact across our range of research groups in the Department for Health. The impact of our research ranges from influencing international policy and practice through to generating millions of pounds of cost-savings for governments.

Some of the beneficiaries of our research include; healthcare providers, government departments, policy makers, occupational health providers, industrial partners (large and small), international and national sports governing bodies, charities, elite athletes and their coaches and the general public and patients.

Examples of our research impact

Enhancing our Impact: The Institute for Policy Research

Institute for Policy Research icon

The Institute for Policy Research (IPR), established in February 2013, is a major financial and institutional investment by the University, aimed at maximising the impact from our research.

The IPR bridges the worlds of research, policy and professional practice; it expands our capacity to build long-term linkages with the institutions and organisations where policy and practice are made; it enhances our engagement with policy makers and research users and multiplies our impact.