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Dr Abby Tabor

Lecturer in Rehabilitation within the Centre for Pain Research with specialist interest in the application of embodied and predictive frames to describe experiences related to bodily protection and their persistence, including but not limited to pain.

LecturerBSc(Hons), PhD

1 West 5.116
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 4225



Abby's core research focus is on the description of the experience of pain from an embodied perspective. She is interested in applying Bayesian models of perception to bodily experiences in the presence of inferred threat. Given the inherent uncertainty associated with the information sought from the body and the external world, her research attempts to uncover the mechanisms underlying the need for protective behaviours, such as pain. Using models of restricted action, such as in arm fracture or in amputation, Abby investigates the intricate relationship between perception and action and the emergent experiences of the body. She works closely with researchers across disciplines as well as industrial partners in an attempt to answer key questions in line with why some experiences persist beyond the time that is often deemed adaptive.

Research interests

  • Embodied pain
  • Predictive Processing
  • Perceptual inference

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