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Mr James Fern

James Fern

Teaching and Coaching Fellow in Education & Sport

1 West 3.101
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5752

  • Physiological Society


My research interests are related to the physiological underpinning of elite sporting performance. I have a particular interest in endurance and ultra-endurance sports and how training, nutrition and physical preparation can be manipulated to improve performance. I have worked across a number of sports in an applied sport science capacity including football, duathlon, modern pentathlon, cycling and handcycling. My current research is focused on characterising the distinct physiological responses to upper-body exercise and implementing these findings to support elite handcyclists. Most recently this involved the testing and monitoring of a team of cyclists, para-cyclists and handcyclists as they prepared to complete the Race Across America (RAAM).

Research interests

  • Physiology of elite sports performance
  • Nutritional strategies to improve sporting performance
  • Physiology of upper-body exercise
  • Training methods and preparation for performance
  • Causes of fatigue during endurance exercise

Current projects

  • Metabolic demarcations in upper-body exercise
  • Moderate, Heavy and Serve exercise and the O2 slow-component