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Dr Jenny Hatchard

A researcher in the politics of public health with expertise in qualitative methods

Research FellowPhD



Project Funder

Jenny’s post is part of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, funded by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Initiative.

Qualitative Methods Forum

Jenny convenes the Qualitative Methods Forum at the University. The Forum meets monthly and is open to all academic staff and PhD students.

If you are interested in joining please email us.


Jenny is a political scientist with interests in public health and environmental governance. Her research focuses on the multiple ways in which private interests seeks to influence public policy. Having worked for ten years researching fisheries governance, where collaborative, participatory governance is becoming entrenched, Jenny now works in UK tobacco research, where there is regulated separation between government and tobacco interests.

Jenny’s work addresses key policy issues around evidential transparency and political access of corporate actors to health decision-making and regulation. Recent research has investigated attempts by the tobacco industry to influence UK Government policy on standardised, or "plain", packaging of tobacco products. This research had two main themes: use and misuse of evidence-based policy frameworks and tobacco company subsidies for third party opposition to tobacco regulation. Jenny is now exploring social media as a site of discussion of tobacco policy and is collaborating with colleagues in the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies investigating how tobacco and alcohol research can be combined.

Jenny retains an interest in marine environmental issues and intends to combine public health and environmental research in the future through comparative analysis of different governance models. The expression of power by private interests in the public sphere is an overarching theme in her research.

Research interests

  • Political power
  • Public health and environmental governance
  • Corporate political activity
  • Evidence-based policy making

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