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Dr Karen Evans-Reeves

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Karen joined the Tobacco Control Research Group as a PhD student in 2008. Her PhD research focused on children’s exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke in the home and how this exposure evolved alongside tobacco control policy developments such as the 2007 smokefree legislation in England and anti-secondhand smoke mass media campaigns.

Prior to starting her PhD, Karen worked as a data analyst at Swansea University. She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a MSc in Health Psychology from the University of Bath.

Karen's research now focuses on the activities of the tobacco industry and its associates, the tactics used to disrupt, delay and undermine tobacco control legislation in the UK and overseas. Karen is particularly interested in the operation of third-parties acting on behalf of the tobacco industry and the influence such parties have on policy decisions particularly in relation to the illicit tobacco trade. This work is done using a combination of previously secret tobacco industry documents and analysis of contemporary materials including annual reports, investor relations presentations, tobacco industry journals, market research reports, retail and trade press, press coverage, responses to public consultations and information acquired through Freedom of Information legislation.

Karen is a senior editor of - the group's website which provides up to date information on the tobacco industry and its associates. represents a novel form of knowledge exchange between academics at the University of Bath and our stakeholders, such as policy makers and tobacco control advocates.

Research interests

  • Impacts of policy interventions on health behaviours
  • Tobacco industry political activity to oppose health policy
  • Tobacco industry use of the third-party technique
  • Tobacco industry financial interests in e-cigarettes
  • Tobacco industry marketing



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Conference or Workshop Items

Hatchard, J., Fooks, G., Evans-Reeves, K. A. and Gilmore, A. B. C., 2013. Assessing the evidence base of tobacco industry submissions to public consultations: The case of ‘plain packaging’ of tobacco products in the UK. In: Society for Social Medicine 57th Annual Scientific Meeting, 2013-09-11 - 2013-09-13, Brighton and Sussex Medical School.


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Non-academic press

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