Department for Health

Dr Rosemary Hiscock

Research Associate with particular interests in health inequalities, smoking and wellbeing

Research Associate in Tobacco Control



Current research projects
  • Understanding the impact of tobacco tax increases and tobacco industry (TI) pricing on smoking behaviours and inequalities
  • Surveys of Stop Smoking Services' personnel's views of e-cigarettes
  • APISE (Alcohol Policy Interventions in Scotland and England)
  • ELONS (Evaluation of long term outcomes of NHS Stop Smoking Services)


Rosemary Hiscock has been working in the field of health inequalities since 1997 and her PhD from the University of Glasgow was awarded in 2002. Smoking is one of the leading causes of inequalities of health and Rosemary began working in this area by analysing the contribution of a smoking cessation programme in New Zealand to reducing inequalities.

Since joining the University of Bath Rosemary has explored the relationship between health inequalities and smoking through a review of international evidence on socioeconomic status and smoking, statistical analysis of English smoking prevalence by socio economic status and region and evaluations of the UK Stop Smoking Services. Rosemary’s current funding allows her to explore the impact of cigarette pricing on disadvantaged smokers.

Rosemary also has an interest in wellbeing. She added a ‘wellbeing’ element to a prospective study of long term outcomes of the English Stop Smoking Services and also is exploring the impact of e-cigarettes.

Research interests

  • Health inequalities
  • Stop Smoking Services
  • Wellbeing
  • e-cigarettes
  • Cigarette pricing
  • Alcohol


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