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Dr Steffi Colyer

Research Associate with particular interests in motion analysis and sport performance enhancement.

Steffi Colyer

Research Associate BSc, PhD

Applied Biomechanics Suite 1.308
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5469

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Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications

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Steffi completed both her undergraduate degree (BSc Sport and Exercise Science) and her PhD at the University of Bath.

In collaboration with UK Sport and British Skeleton, her PhD project was focussed on enhancing start performance in the winter sport of skeleton and was conducted in the lead up to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Her thesis focussed on understanding the determinants of elite skeleton start performance to inform training and coaching practices, and to ultimately improve chances of medal success.

In 2015, Steffi was awarded the Postgraduate Free Communication Prize at the BASES student conference for her research.

Steffi commenced her current role as a Research Associate working within the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA) in October 2015. In collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, CAMERA aims to develop advanced methods to track and analyse human motion without the need to attach markers. Her current role focusses on utilising these technologies to understand sporting techniques and enhance athlete performance.

Research interests

  • Motion analysis
  • Biomechanics
  • Sport performance enhancement
  • Monitoring athletic development

Research projects

  • The development of a markerless motion analysis tool to study sporting techniques


Book Sections

Colyer, S., Stokes, K., Bilzon, J. and Salo, A., 2016. The influence of changes in sprint ability on the sled velocity profile during the skeleton start. In: Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports. University of Tsukuba, Tskuba, Japan: .


Colyer, S. L., Stokes, K. A., Bilzon, J. L. J. and Salo, A. I. T., 2017. Skeleton sled velocity profiles:a novel approach to understand critical aspects of the elite athletes’ start phases. Sports Biomechanics

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Conference or Workshop Items

Colyer, S., Stokes, K., Bilzon, J. and Salo, A., 2015. Influence of serum testosterone on start performance and lean mass accrual in male skeleton athletes. Taylor & Francis, s109-s110.

Colyer, S., Stokes, K., Bilzon, J. and Salo, A., 2015. Improving skeleton athlete monitoring and talent identification processes using a series of multivariate analyses. In: BASES Student Conference, 2015-03-31 - 2015-04-01, John Moores University.

Colyer, S., Roberts, S., Robinson, J., Thompson, D., Stokes, K., Bilzon, J. and Salo, A., 2014. Use of dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) to evaluate changes in body composition and the association with performance changes in skeleton athletes. In: 19th European College of Sport Science Congress, 2014-07-02 - 2016-02-05, Netherlands.

Colyer, S., Salo, A., Bilzon, J. and Stokes, K., 2012. Consecutive days of push start testing may mask the effect of starting style in skeleton – A pilot study. In: BASES Biomechanics Interest Group, Easter Meeting no 27, 2012-04-04 - 2012-04-04.


Colyer, S., 2015. Enhancing start performance in the sport of skeleton. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

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