Bank & Discretionary days - How they affect your holiday balance  
  About You     Reason Date Day leave added to your entitlement Leave taken off  
  I am
    Discretionary Day 01/09/2020  
  My Grade is
    Discretionary Day 02/09/2020  
          Discretionary Day 21/12/2020  
  Working Pattern / Hours worked (if not FT)     Discretionary Day 22/12/2020  
      Discretionary Day 23/12/2020  
      Discretionary Day 24/12/2020  
      Christmas Day 25/12/2020  
      Boxing Day 28/12/2020  
      Discretionary Day 29/12/2020  
      Discretionary Day 30/12/2020  
      Discretionary Day 31/12/2020  
          New Years Day 01/01/2021  
  Only change if leaving or starting mid year     Good Friday 02/04/2021  
  Start date (within year)   Easter Monday 05/04/2021  
  Leave date (within year)     Discretionary Day 06/04/2021  
          Early May 03/05/2021  
  Your Entitlement Entitlement in hours Equivalent days   Spring Bank Holiday 31/05/2021  
  Bank Holidays   Late Summer 30/08/2021  
  Discretionary days   Discretionary Day 31/08/2021  
  Annual Leave           
  Carryover from Previous year         Impact on my balance  
  Additional Adjustments made          
  Total Entitlement               
  Available to book after BH/Discretionary