Human Resources

Working patterns

Your working pattern shows how your contractual hours are split across the days of your working week.

The "standard" working week at the University for a full-time member of staff is 36.5 hours i.e.Monday to Thursday, 9.00 am to 5.20 pm and Friday, 9.00 am to 5.10 pm.

Anything other than the "standard" working week can be accommodated in the system, though the same principles apply.

iTrent has been configured to divide the 36.5 hours equally across the 5 days. (This is a pragmatic decision in order to remove system complexity and will not affect your actual holiday entitlement.)

Why is it important to have the correct working pattern?

iTrent uses the working pattern to allocate your bank holidays, discretionary days and as part of the sickness calculations. If the working pattern is incorrect, this may affect these calculations.

What does a working pattern look like?

The first number is the contractual hours for your work in that position, thereafter each day of the week has the associated hours and minutes to be worked on each day.


A full-time member of staff, working 36.5 hours a week, Monday to Friday will show as:
36.5 M 7:18 T 7:18 W 7:18 T 7:18 F 7:18 S 0:00 S 0:00

A part-time member of staff, working 21.9 hours a week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will show as:
21.9 M 7:18 T 7:18 W 7:18 T 0:00 F 0:00 S 0:00 S 0:00

Checking your working pattern

Check your current working pattern as held on iTrent by logging into Employee Self Service, then going to Employment > Current Jobs

Non-standard working patterns


If you work on shift basis, you will be loaded with a default pattern based upon your contractual hours and this will need to be overriden by your manager on the days when you are absent from the workplace through holiday or sickness. More information will be provided when this functionality is rolled out.

Term-time only

The working patterns and the relevant dates will need to be communicated to HR. More information will be provided when this functionality is rolled out.