Human Resources

Data security

The University is obliged to collect and maintain certain data (what data and why?) about all of its staff. Some of this data is both personal and sensitive.

For all employees

Firstly it is very important for you to check that the information held is correct, current and complete. Please do this through Employee Self Service.

The security of confidential information is paramount to Manager Self Service. Within the system, security has been designed so that each line manager can only view information about their own staff. None of this is new information, but previously had to be requested through HR. Line managers will not be able to access specific sensitive information such as bank details, payslip information and all equality monitoring information such as religion and belief.

For managers

You will only be able to access Manager Self Service once you have completed the registration process, which will remind you of your responsibilities under the University's Data Protection policy and IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Access to Manager Self Service will have to be requested by your manager.

There is a critical responsibility for all line managers to handle their staff's confidential information as provided by MSS (and all other sources) appropriately at all times.

All the information that line managers access on their staff from Manager Self Service is confidential and must be kept confidential and managed in line with the Data Protection Act at all times. Information accessed from the system should only be used for a legitimate work purpose. For example, emergency contact information should only be used in genuine emergency situations. These requirements are the same as those that currently apply to the information provided through reports from HR.

Line managers using Manager Self Service must follow the IT Acceptable Use Policy at all times, making sure that they keep their passwords confidential.

Any breach of these requirements and responsibilities by line managers is potentially serious, will be investigated and could result in disciplinary action being taken against the line manager, up to and including dismissal.