Human Resources

Personal data

What data is held about staff on the University's HR & Payroll system and why?

All personal information for staff will be held securely and confidentially on iTrent in line with the Data Protection Act (1998).  The University will only process personal data in accordance with our registration under the Data Protection Act.

The University is obliged under Inland Revenue requirements to retain information on your home and residential address. It also needs to maintain other contact details such as home / mobile telephone number and next of kin details so that it is able to contact you or your next of kin where this is required in an emergency.

The University has a duty under the Equality Act (2010) to monitor and review practice within the organisation to ensure fair treatment in employment practices.  The Act has introduced what are now called protected characteristics (e.g. disability, gender, race, age, etc.).  The University is only able to monitor against these characteristics if it has this information on its staff.

For this reason we ask staff to update this information, which will only be used for anonymised, high-level reporting and never at an individual level.  We are asking staff to check that their personal information on the iTrent system is correct and to update it if it is inaccurate or not completed. This includes the new fields for the protected characteristics of, religion/ belief and sexual orientation. Within each characteristic staff have the option to indicate that they would prefer not to provide this information. It should also be noted that managers will not be able to view information on the protected characteristics of their staff from iTrent.