Human Resources

Results of 2011 survey

The 2011 staff survey was carried out between March and April 2011. It was distributed to 2766 staff and included all core staff (permanent and fixed term) and variable hours teaching staff. The response rate was 53% (1467 employees) which was an increase from the 49% achieved in the previous survey carried out in 2007. The key actions of the 2011 staff survey were looked at an organisational level and departmental levels.

Capita Surveys and Research were commissioned to conduct the survey and provide a series of reports which analyse the results from a range of perspectives.

The Institution report shows the responses to questions for the whole University in narrative and chart format and includes an Executive Summary which highlights the key issues and provides a comparison with results from the previous survey.

The Benchmark report shows how the University compares to other HEIs which have been surveyed by Capita between 2009 and 2011.  The departmental results have been distributed to Heads of Department and shared with staff.  Other topic based reports or statistics were produced for Equality Diversity Workplace Stress Environmental issues.  These have been provided for the relevant committee or service area.

Response rates by department


Response rates by department for the 2011 survey are available.