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Applying ergonomics is about how people 'fit' with their work activities, equipment and enviornment to ensure the equipment, tools or workplace are adjusted to suit the user and thus reduce the risk of injury.  In doing so it recognises that everyone is different in terms of:

  • Body size, shape, hieght

  • Muscle strength

  • Visual, hearing and mobility

  • Posture 

  • Mental agility

  • Personal preferences

  • Knowledge and experience

 To assess the fit between a person and their work, ergonomists have to consider many aspects of the person and the activity.  These include:

  • Their workstation including any standing or seating position

  • Equipment used 

  • Handtools 

  • Any repetitive and forceful movements necessary

  • Vibration created

  • Extremes of temperature

  • Location or working environment esepcially where confined

Poor ergnomics can lead to injuries of the musculoskeletal system including the body’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves affecting the upper or lower limbs and back.