Human Resources

Smoke Free on Campus

What is the University's Smoke Free Policy and where does it apply?

The University has a Smoke Free policy for all its buildings to protect staff and students from the effects of smoking. When the policy was implemented in 2007, it was agreed, following consultation with employee and student representatives, that certain external areas around our buildings would also be designated as “Smoke Free” to remove the risk of people being exposed to second hand smoke coming into the building through windows and doors.

External areas covered by the Smoke Free policy are:

  • the Parade* and Underdeck
  • all outside covered areas
  • all student residences
  • all other areas on University property that are within 4 metres of a building.

* Smoking is allowed on parts of the campus that are more than 4 metres away from buildings, in a designated area behind the Parade Bar and a small area on the terrace behind 1 East outside the SU nightclub after 6pm.

Can I use E-cigarettes in and around University buildings?

For the purposes of the Smoke Free Policy, the University treats e-cigarettes (and vaporisers) in the same way as smoking materials.

How will the University ensure that the Smoke Free Policy is followed?

In recent months it has been noted that there has been an increase in smoking in prohibited areas. Additional signs have gone up on the Parade and Underdeck to help clarify that they are No Smoking Areas. It has also been agreed that there will be a greater emphasis on enforcement of the smoke free areas. Staff and students found to be in breach of the policy will be asked to extinguish their smoking material. In the event that identified individuals are found to be repeatedly breaching the policy then further action will be taken in accordance with the student or staff disciplinary regulations.

Visitors to campus will also be expected to observe these requirements. In extreme cases where a visitor refuses to comply with the policy they will be asked by Security to leave campus.

Estates will reinforce the requirement to its contractors to observe the smoke free requirements when working on site and this is written into the appointments for contractors. Where individuals employed by our contractors are identified as not complying with this policy, please report this to the Estates Helpdesk. The Estates Department and the management teams of all and any contractors engaged to work on this campus take this matter very seriously and will take appropriate steps to have the individuals concerned disciplined and/or removed from site. 

What help is available for staff and students wanting to quit smoking?

October marks the start of the NHS’s national no-smoking campaign, “Stoptober”. If you would like to give up smoking you can access free resources and support to help you on the official Stoptober website. Your GP should also be able to provide you with advice and guidance on how to access locally available smoking cessation services, and there is further information on the University web pages.