Human Resources

2017/18 ASC meetings (promotions) and deadlines for completed applications* to be submitted to HR

Deadline: 19 September 2017
Meeting: 28-29 November 2017
Deadline: 13 February 2018
Meeting: 24-25 April 2018
*Including the Head of Department/Division assessment

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

When to apply

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will invite submissions for promotion from eligible staff normally twice a year.

Cases are considered by Academic Staff Committee (ASC) in November and April.

How to apply

Three main categories are used when assessing cases for promotion: Teaching, Research and Scholarship, and Management and Leadership. 

Candidates for promotion to Senior Lecturer are expected to have made:

  • major contributions in two of the three categories, and
  • an effective contribution in the third.

Read the detailed promotion criteria.

If you believe you meet the criteria complete the application form and submit this with the supporting documentation to your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management). Please ensure that the Pure Research Activity Report is used to populate the 'Research' section of your application form.

What happens next

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will consult senior staff within the Department/School to assess the level of support for the applications.

If your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) supports your application they will complete the Head of Department/Division promotion application assessment form and submit your application form to Human Resources along with:

  • the Head of Department/Division promotion application assessment form
  • a supporting statement from another senior member of the Department/Division
  • the names and details of at least three independent referees as recommended by the Head of Department/Division (included within the application assessment form)

Human Resources will contact the referees to request an opinion on your performance.

Once Human Resources have received all the references they will provide the complete case and Head of Department/Division promotion application assessment form to the Dean for their comment.

Considering your case

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will present your case for promotion to ASC and answer questions about your application. ASC will decide whether to:

  • confirm the promotion
  • decline the promotion
  • interview you before making a decision

Your Head of Department (Dean for School of Management) will be notified of the outcome immediately after the ASC meeting and they will let you know the decision. You will be formally notified of the outcome usually within two weeks of the ASC meeting.

Promotion will take effect from the first day of the month following the ASC meeting. If a case for promotion is not supported either by the Department or by ASC, your Head of Department/Division will arrange for a Personal Action Plan to be developed.

This web page provides a summary only and should be read in conjunction with the Career Progression in the Education and Research Job Family: principles and framework document. 


Email us with any questions about promotion to Senior Lecturer