Human Resources

A to Z of HR policies, procedures & guidance

Alcohol & drug misuse Managing substance misuse in staff and contractors policy
Annual Leave Guidance on annual leave entitlements
Bank/public holidays Dates of bank/public holidays and University discretionary days
Benefits Summary of staff benefits
Capability Procedures for managing performance issues associated with deficiencies of capability
Career Progression in Education & Research Job Family Career Progression in the Education & Research Job Family
Childcare Childcare voucher scheme (Fideliti) available & on-campus Westwood Nursery
Concessionary Arrangements Referral process should staff be offered concessions by a commercial body
Contribution Pay Arrangements for recognising and rewarding staff for exceptional performance in Grades 1 to 9
Counselling for staff Where staff can access counselling services
DBS Disclosures Policy statement on the secure storage, handling, use, retention & disposal of DBS Disclosure & information
David Parkin Visiting Professorship Guidance on applying for a David Parkin Visiting Professorship
Data Protection Data management principles for staff records management
Death of member of staff Guidance on dealing with the death of a member of staff
Dignity & Respect Commitment to treat all students and staff with dignity and respect
Disability leave University's policy on paid time off work for disabled employees who need treatment, rehabilitation or assessment related to their disability
Disability Support Information on supporting staff with disabilities
Disciplinary Procedures for managing issues associated with breaches of the University's code of conduct
Employee Status Guidance on defining the employment status of individuals.
Equal Pay Equal Pay Policy 
Fixed Term Contract Expiry Process Fixed Term Contract Expiry process 
Flexible retirement University's policy on flexible retirement
Flexitime scheme Guidelines on flexitime scheme
Flexible working Requesting flexible working arrangements
Grievance Process for raising and managing a grievance
Honorary Academic Appointments Conferment of the title of Professor Emeritus or Honorary Professor, Reader or Lecturer, or such other title; Honorary Appointments in the School for Health
Human Resources Report Summary of progress made during the last academic year against the main priorities agreed by Council to help achieve the strategic aims of the People Strategy 
Induction Induction arrangements for new staff
Insurance Contact information for insurance arrangements within the University
Internet & Email Guidelines for staff on internet, email and phone usage
Job Evaluation & Review
Job evaluation and review procedure
Job Sharing Guidance for staff and managers on job-sharing
Jury Service Process for claiming expenses should you be called up for Jury Service.
Market Pay Process for responding to labour market conditions beyond the scope of HERA
Maternity Leave Entitlements and the processes before, during and after the period of maternity leave.
Mediation Informal process for conflict resolution
Office etiquette Guidance on office etiquette
Organisational Change Policy University Policy on Organisational Change and Redundancy
Overpayments Procedure Overpayments of Salary and Allowances Procedure
Payroll University Payroll Information
Payscales University payscales and spinal points
Person Finder Approval for a volunteer or other individual to be placed on Person Finder and Access Manager
Personal & Professional Relationships Guidelines on personal and professional relationships within the University
Points Based System / Work Permits Guidelines and associated information for ensuring staff are eligible to work in the UK
Professorial Salary Review Salary review scheme for professorial staff
Probation Information on probation procedures for staff
Redeployment Information on the redeployment process
Redundancy Please see Organisational Change Policy
Reference Guidance Reference guidance (in respect of former, existing and prospective staff and students)
Relocation Expenses Form Please see Relocation Procedure
Report Request Submitting a request for HR management information
Research Passports Further information for researchers conducting research within the NHS.
Research Staff Code of Practice on Research Staff
Resignation Process Guidelines on the the process for resigning
Retirement Retirement
Sabbatical Leave Sabbatical leave scheme
Secondments Secondment guidance
Sickness Policy on sickness, reporting absence and effectively managing the return to work.
Staff Development Performance Review (SDPR)
Information and guidance on the University of Bath review scheme
Smoking Smoking Provisions & Restrictions
Staff Recognition Award Scheme Recognition scheme
Substance Misuse Managing substance misuse in staff and contractors policy
Terms Employment Terms
Time off for training Procedure for requesting time off for training
Trade Union Recognition & Facilities Agreement Which trade unions are recognised by the University of Bath and the facilities that will be given to their representatives
Weather & transport disruption  Guidance on staff attendance in cases of severe weather conditions or major transport disruption