Human Resources

Probation review procedure

Here are the key stages of the probationary review procedure for Teaching Fellows.

Within first few weeks of appointment

You will receive a letter from the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) outlining your probationary arrangements, and the dates for formal review by Teaching Fellow Sub Group (TFSG).

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office (LTEO) will provide you with information on the Bath Course and an invitation to the induction event for the Bath Course.

Within 1 month of start date

Your Head of Department/Group will meet with you to discuss probationary arrangements, support available and objectives to form the basis of your probationary review. You will be assigned a mentor.

Within 3 months of start date

The Dean will approve your objectives and forward these to Human Resources. Your mentor will meet with you and agree the mentoring arrangements.

During probationary period

Your Head of Department/Division will arrange review meetings with you to monitor your progress (a minimum of 2 meetings per annum).

You will need to organise teaching observations. For mid-year review this observation can be done within the department. For the final review of your probation, the observation should be done by a senior observer from outside your department. Academic Staff Development can help you organise this.

8 weeks before your probationary review date

Human Resources will contact you and your Head of Department/Division to request completion of your probationary report for TFSG.

Between 4 to 8 weeks of your review date

You will need to complete the probationary report, and provide this with supporting information to your Head of Department/Division.

Your Head of Department/Division will complete the report and return it to you for final comment. Once you have done this, you need to return it to your Head of Department/Division.

3 weeks before review date

Your Head of Department/Division will send the completed documents to Human Resources, which will consist of:

  • completed probationary report
  • Online Unit Evaluation feedback from SAMIS
  • teaching observation(s). For final reviews, an observation must be carried out by a Senior Observer external to the home department/Division
  • confirmation of completion of the Bath Course

Any queries will be followed up with your Head of Department/Division.

Review date

TFSG will review the probationary cases.

1 week after review date

Human Resources will inform your Head of Department/Division of the outcome of the review, who will discuss this with you.

Within 2 weeks of the review date

Human Resources will write to you formally with the outcome. For teaching fellow probationers who have successfully passed probation, their employment will be confirmed.