Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment


ISEE – Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Environment – aims to bring together stakeholder communities to review and discuss modern aspects of Energy and the Environment covering:

 ·       Natural sciences, engineering and technology

·       Social, political and economic sciences

·       Public and policy engagement

·       Regulation

·       Industrial, business and international dimensions

You are invited to join us for afternoon tea in the Wessex Restaurant from 16:00 to 16:25  

Seminars start at 16:30 until 17:45

Venue:  University of Bath, 8 West 3.22 lecture theatre

ISEE seminars are free and open for all to attend

Upcoming ISEE Seminars


23 October 2018:  Robert Llewellyn  British actor, comedian and writer best known as the android Kryten in the hit TV sitcom 'Red Dwarf' and as TV presenter of the TV engineering game show 'Scrapheap Challenge'.  Robert is a leading authority and recognisable figure worldwide for his knowledge and opinion on emerging transport and the future of energy with the renewable sector through his YouTube series 'Fully Charged'    -   'Is this the Tipping Point? - Electric cars, renewable energy and storage.  How far, how fast, how soon'

30 October 2018:  Professor Philip Jones, Climate Research Unit, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of  East Anglia  -  'The global temperature average: a history, recent changes and their context over the Late Holecene'

13 November 2018:  Damian D Brennan, Head of H3AT, UK Atomic Energy Authority, Culham Centre  -  'H3AT and Fusion Technology at UKAEA: New facilities for Fusion Research and Beyond'

27 November 2018:  Louise Kingham OBE FEI, Chief Executive, Energy Institute  -  'People and energy - a relationship in transition'

11 December 2018:  Professor Anil Markandya, Director of the Basque Centre for Climate Change in the Basque Country, Spain and Honorary Professor of Economics at the University of Bath  -  'Do health co-benefits compensate the economic costs of the Paris climate agreement?'



5 February 2019:  Dr Jim Fleming, Head of Energy Theme, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (RPSRC), UK Research and Innovation

 19 February 2019:  Professor Alan Guwy,  Director of the Energy and Environment Research Institute, Head of the Sustainable Environment Research Centre, Co-Operating Agent for new HIA-IEA Task 34, Management Member of IWA SG on AD, University of South Wales

5 March 2019:  Speaker tbc

19 March 2019:  Professor Geoff Hammond, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath

2 April 2019:  Professor David Greenwood, WMG International Automotive Research Centre (IARC) Warwick University 

16 April 2019:  Roger Atkins, Managing Director, Electric Vehicles Outlook

1 October 2019:  Professor Iain Stewart, Professor of Geoscience Communication | Director, Sustainable Earth Institute | School of Geography, Earth, & Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth

15 October 2019:  Professor Janet L Scott, Department of Chemistry, University of Bath

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