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Campus-wide thematic semester on Imaging will bring together expertise in a rapidly growing area of research

March - September 2017


Imaging is a vibrant and rapidly growing area of research with many diverse applications for example in medicine, physics, astronomy, meteorology, electronics and popular culture.

IMI imaging thematic semesterThe term ‘imaging’, encompasses a wide range of techniques, which are used to either create visual representations of objects or to extract information from images.

Bringing together academics to share knowledge, exchange ideas and stimulate new collaborations across departments, IMI is coordinating a university-wide thematic semester on imaging, its applications and the mathematics behind it, in the first academic semester of 2017. Some of the mathematics which lie at the heart of modern imaging methods include signal processing, analysis, statistics, tomography and the recent idea of compressed sensing.


Take part in the Imaging thematic semester

All academics at the University of Bath are warmly invited to take part in the thematic semester on Imaging. Please get in touch, and we will email you the detailed programme once it is finalised. Email:


From motion capture to atmospheric studies - and many more

Deputy Director of IMI, Professor Chris Budd commented: "I am very pleased that IMI is hosting a thematic semester on imaging. Not only is it a very rapidly growing area which impacts our lives in many ways - from its use in medical procedures to its role in creating movies. It is also an area where mathematics play a huge role, as mathematical ideas lie at the heart of most modern imaging methods."

“Imaging techniques are used in research across many departments at the University of Bath, and in as diverse areas as motion capture, medical imaging, landmine detection, astronomy, whale detection as well as lung, bee and atmospheric studies and many more.”

"I very much look forward to showcasing this work and the maths behind it during the thematic semester.”

Planned activities include seminars, academic visitors, talks and a public lecture.


Planned workshops and seminars

During the summer, Professor Manuchehr Soleimani from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering will also run a summer school on Tomography and its applications.

Forming part of both the thematic semester and the University's 50th anniversary celebrations, the large Scientific Computing and Differential Equations (SciCADE) conference will take place 11-15 September at the University of Bath. The conference is set to attract many world leaders from the imaging community and will be an exciting opportunity to hear the latest developments in this field.


IMI academic visitor

In late May, Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb, Director of the Cantab Capital Institute for the Mathematics of Information at University of Cambridge and Co-Director of the EPSRC Centre for Mathematical Imaging in Healthcare, will pay an extended visit and give a public lecture on 'Maths Can Make You Fly' which will include a description of the use of inpainting techniques to restore photographs.




Put forward your idea for the next IMI thematic semester

A thematic semester brings together academics from multiple disciplines at the University of Bath to further research in a specific topic or scientific method. Activities typically include workshops, seminars, informal working groups, public lectures and academic visitors. Financial, administrative, promotional and research grant development support is available from IMI to support these activities.

We are currently inviting expressions of interest in hosting a thematic semester in the 2017-18 academic year. To apply, simply read the guidelines, before completing the application form and emailing it to Catrin Yeomans at by 12 noon on Friday 5 May 2017.

Before hosting the current thematic semester on Imaging, IMI and SAMBa hosted a thematic semester on Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, a novel simulation technique use in data science, computational physics, engineering and machine learning amongst others.

For an informal discussion about hosting a thematic semester, please contact Catrin Yeomans or Jonathan Dawes at or on 01225 383404.