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EU-funded maths-industry project assessed as excellent

3 November 2017


The mid-term review for the EU-funded MI-NET project, led by the University of Bath, that funds collaborations between mathematicians and industry across Europe, has concluded that the project has made excellent progress and is on track to fully achieve its objectives over its four year lifespan.


MI-NET Cyprus ESGIThe Mathematics for Industry Network (MI-NET) is funded under the EU’s COST programme to encourage partnerships between mathematicians and industrialists, through industry-driven problem solving workshops, and academia-driven training and secondments, across 31 participating countries in Europe and beyond, including Brazil and New Zealand.


40 events, over 300 researchers and 31 countries

In its first 24 months of operation, MI-NET supported more than 40 events across Europe, as: Industrial Workshops, European Study Groups with Industry (ESGIs), Modelling Weeks (Training School), Short-Term Scientific Missions (Research visits), and involved more than 312 researchers from academia and industry.

The EU Commission praised the effectiveness of MI-NET’s approach and noted its success in raising interest in both the academic community, registering an expansion from the initial core group of 14 countries to the current membership of 31 countries, and with industrial and public-sector agencies, now involving about 50 partners.

Dr Joanna Jordan, Chair of MI-NET, commented that:
“We want industrialists to think of mathematicians as their first port of call when tackling new challenges. MI-NET has enabled a wide range of real-world problems to be tackled using mathematics, from fraud detection in subsidised school meals to optimising shoe box sizes! It has been extremely rewarding to enable new industrial mathematics activities across Europe, and our ambitious programme has only been possible due to Filipa Vance’s excellent project management.”

Professor Jonathan Dawes, Director of IMI (which hosts MI-NET), commented that:
“This excellent mid-term review is due to the hard work and leadership shown by Joanna Jordan, as Chair, and Filipa Vance (MI-NET project manager). Together they have developed Mathematics in Industry in new directions across Europe, initiating activities such as the first ever Study Group in Cyprus, and the first Modelling Week in Israel, that will continue to broaden the horizons of industrial mathematics.’

For more information on MI-NET, including the next call for funding events, please see or @maths4industry

IMI will also host the 138th European Study Group with Industry in Bath 16-20 July 2018, please get in touch if you would like to find out more!