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Machine Learning: Algorithms and Ethics

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Machine learningFrom casual interaction like Netflix's film suggestions, to more profound decisions such as the length of jail sentences, the use of machine learning in decision-making is increasing.

This raises important questions about how to make sure we can understand and challenge these decisions, and ensure that we aren't simply forced to accept what an algorithm has decided.


An interdisciplinary approach

Bringing together a wide range of academic disciplines, this IMI thematic semester will shed fresh light on the rapidly growing field of machine learning, and the increasing use of algorithms in public and business decision-making. We'll talk about how this impacts on individuals, and how we ensure that algorithms generate meaningful answers that can be challenged.

Audience: FREE events at the University of Bath, open to all with a ticket 

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Programme of Events

Machine Learning and its Ethical Dilemmas: an Introduction - 14 February

Acquire a rapid overview of machine learning and the ethical questions that surround it, in preparation for the series of seminars planned during the semester. There will also be a guided practical session (bring your laptop) to see algorithms in action!

Professor Mike Tipping will lead this seminar aimed at a broad scientific audience of students and staff. University of Bath, 3 West North, Room 2.1, 2.15 - 4.15pm. 

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Wednesday Machine Learning Seminars - 28 February to 2 May

Come along to our series of machine learning seminars bringing together academics from all disciplines to share knowledge, exchange ideas and stimulate new collaborations across departments. Each seminar will feature one or more speakers on a range of relevant topics.

Speakers include:

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Grand Public Debate on Machine Learning - 9 May, 5.15 - 7.00pm, The Forum, Bath

Rounding off the thematic semester on machine learning, IMI will host a large public debate, culminating in a public and expert vote.

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The IMI Thematic Semester Machine Learning: Algorithms and Ethics is organised by:
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