Institute for Mathematical Innovation

50th Anniversary Prize Fellows: Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI)

The University of Bath Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) combines data analysis with statistical and mathematical modelling to help turn data into good decisions. Working across disciplines and sectors, IMI’s work addresses key challenges in mathematics and its applications.

The Institute focuses on fundamental issues that arise out of our ability to collect huge amounts of data, and our ability to store and transmit it ever more rapidly in the 21st century. It aims to evolve paradigms to understand key features in data and to extract insights from it effectively so that optimal decisions can be made in real time.The international research landscape that is developing in response to these challenges can be summarized in the following six research themes, which reach across the traditional division of the mathematical sciences into pure, applied, and statistics.

These themes (which are necessarily overlapping and complementary) form the heart of the research base for the Institute:

  • Efficient multiscale simulation
  • Detecting structure and correlation in ‘big data’
  • Optimal management of limited resources, with uncertainty
  • Assessing risk (specific, systemic, systematic)
  • Model construction, data assimilation, and uncertainty quantification
  • Emergent properties; from the discrete to the continuous

The IMI will appoint one Prize Fellow to further strengthen and develop areas of existing research excellence. Applications are invited that resonate with one or more Institute research themes. 


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