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IMI helps UNICEF map MENA social policy expertise

24 May 2017

With a growing interest in social policy issues affecting the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), IMI is pleased to be part of a new collaboration between UNICEF and the University of Bath which will create a public database of experts in the field to help improve policy responses. Read more >>


Bath hosts first ever UK Wetskills event

4 April 2017

The University of Bath’s Water Innovation & Research Centre (WIRC @ Bath) is hosting the UK’s first Wetskills Water Challenge with the support of IMI. Read more >>


Nominate your IMI Global Chair candidate

17 March 2017

The Global Chairs visiting professorship scheme attracts distinguished, globally renowned scholars to engage in a programme of high-profile research activity at the University of Bath. Global Chairs are nominated by a member of staff at the University of Bath, who acts as host during the visit. Read more >>


Finding common ground in mathematics and physics

17 March 2017

Collaborating with Nanyang Technological University, the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath are finding new common grounds in mathematics and physics to strengthen research links and facilitate new collaborations. Read more >>


Put forward your idea for the next IMI Thematic Semester

8 March 2017

A thematic semester brings together academics from multiple disciplines to review and advance research in a specific topic or scientific method. If you would like to host a thematic semester with a group of colleagues from the University of Bath, IMI can provide you with financial, administrative and promotional support. We can also help you develop research grant proposals. Read more >>


Applications now open for new MSc in Data Science

6 February 2017

Gain a solid grounding in the theory and practice of data science. You’ll develop specialist knowledge in statistics, machine learning and software technology.  Read more >> 


Professor Chris Budd OBE ‘Goes to the Movies’ with Gresham College

31 January 2017

View online IMI Deputy Director, Professor Chris Budd's talk on how maths plays a key role in the creation of some of our best-loved films such as Pixar's Toy Story and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. Read more >> 


Campus-wide IMI thematic semester on Imaging

27 January 2017

Bringing together academics to exchange ideas and stimulate new collaborations, IMI is coordinating a campus-wide thematic semester on imaging, its applications and the mathematics behind it. Read more >>


Apply now to join IMI as an internal secondee

27 January 2017

A secondment to IMI is a unique opportunity for you to build new industrial contacts and further your research by linking up with colleagues from other disciplines. Read more >>


Pigs and chocolate: Using maths to solve problems in farming

26 January 2017

Improving cocoa yields, estimating the quality of meat in pigs and refining the design of a hydroponics system, were three farming challenges tackled using mathematics at the workshop. Read more >>


Enabling European collaboration in industrial maths

26 January 2017

Bringing together 50 academics from 17 different countries, last month MI-NET, hosted by IMI, organised the first ever Study Group with Industry in Cyprus. Problems tackled ranged from automatically generating the instructions for building a toy from a kit of parts to optimising bus routes in urban Nicosia. Read more >> 


My internship proved to be an amazing opportunity to gain research experience

17 January 2017

MMath student at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Anvarbek Atayev writes about his experience of doing an IMI/SAMBa Undergraduate Research Internship. Read more >>


IMI Secondee, Professor Chris Brace, awarded Research Medal

10 January 2017

Professors Chris Brace has received the Vice-Chancellor's Research Medel jointly with Gary Hawley in recognition of their world-leading automotive research. Read more >>


15 Jolly Good Fellows!

9 January 2017

Read about IMI's Dr James Hook, one of fifteen exceptionally talented Prize Fellows, who joined the University of Bath in 2016 to boost research strength. Read more >>

Register your interest in the new MSc in Data Science at the University of Bath

6 January 2017

Gain a solid grounding in the theory and practice of data science. You’ll also develop specialist knowledge in statistics, machine learning and software technology. Offered by the Department of Computer Science in collaboration with IMI. Read more >>

IMI Academic Visitor, Dr Todd Pataky, 23-27 January 2017

21 December 2016

During his visit, Dr Pataky will be a tutor on a three-day course on Statistical Parametric Mapping organised by Dr Ezio Preatoni. Dr Pataky is currently an Associate Professor in the Institute for Fiber Engineering, Shinshu University (Nagano, Japan). He is the primary developer of spm1d, open source Python and MATLAB software for the statistical analysis of one-dimensional continua.

PhD studentship: Adaptive and non-adaptive processes in gene regulatory network evolution

13 December 2016

A unique interdisciplinary PhD opportunity suitable for a biology or computer science graduate. Offered by the Department of Biology and Biochemistry in collaboration with IMI. Read more >>

PhD studentship in personalised psychological care

12 December 2016

Work on an interdisciplinary fully funded PhD exploring which care pathways work optimally for different types of patients. Offered by Department of Psychology in collaboration with Department of Mathematical Sciences and IMI. Read more >>

IMI Director visit Westminister to discuss the breadth of impact of the mathematical sciences

29 November 2016

IMI Director, Jonathan Dawes, is taking part in the Royal Society Pairing Scheme this week. Read more >>

Summer research internship opportunities for undergraduate students 

15 November 2016

Come to info meeting on 23 November to find out more about the approximately 15 undergraduate research internships IMI and SAMBa are offering in the summer of 2017. Read more >>

PhD studentship in mathematical modelling of sleep behaviour as an indicator of avian welfare

2 November 2016

An exciting PhD studentship offered by the South West Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership (SWBio DTP) at the University of Bristol in partnership with IMI. Read more >>

PhD studentship for research investigating big data and policin

31 October 2016

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences in partnership with the Police Foundation are offering a three year funded PhD examining police effectiveness, legitimacy and public trust. Read more >>

Outdoor air pollution exceeds WHO limits for 90% of UK population

27 September 2016

Working with the World Health Organisation, a team of scientists, led by IMI Deputy Director Dr Gavin Shaddick, have identified air pollution danger spots around the world. Read more >>

MCMC semester will further the use of a sophisticated simulation technique in research across campus

21 September 2016

All academics at the University of Bath interested in MCMC are warmly invited to take part in the IMI/SAMBa thematic semester. Read more >>

Leading international expert joins IMI as Global Chair

6 September 2016

Leading international expert in large-scale Bayesian inverse problems, Professor Colin Fox, is joining the Institute for Mathematical Innovation (IMI) as Global Chair. Read more >>

How maths and driverless cars could spell the end of traffic jams

31 August 2016

IMI's Commercial Research Associate, Dr Lorna Wilson, writes for The Conversation on ending traffic jams using mathematical models and driverless cars. Read more >>


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