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Submit your idea for the next IMI Thematic Semester

March 2017


Would you like to combine and share your research with colleagues across campus?

Group of people gathered at the University of BathIMI Thematic Semesters bring together academics from multiple disciplines to review and advance research in a specific topic or scientific method. As such they strengthen research links across campus and foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration.

We are currently inviting expressions of interest in hosting an IMI Thematic Semester in the 2017-18 academic year. Activities may include workshops, seminars, working groups, public lectures, academic visitors and specific collaborative research projects.

Academics from all disciplines can apply to host a thematic semester, but the topic has to involve a significant element of statistics, mathematics or data science. 

The IMI team will provide financial, administrative and promotional support for thematic semesters. We also support the development of research grant proposals. Apply now >>


Catalysing new research links and collaborations

Director of IMI, Professor Jonathan Dawes said: “Thematic Semesters are an opportunity to draw together several different kinds of activity that IMI support, using the thematic focus to catalyse new research links and collaborations.

We’ve been delighted with the success of the Thematic Semester on Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods, held in the autumn last year, and the way the programme for the Thematic Semester on Imaging is shaping up at the moment.

In this call, we’re looking to plan not just for 2017-18 but for further ahead as well, and we’re keen to encourage ideas, even speculative ones, working with applicants to put a programme of events together to support their thematic semester as well as possible.

I’d be very happy to discuss ideas with potential applicants, even ideas at very early stages, before the call deadline, to explore how we can be of help.”

Apply now to express your interest in hosting an IMI Thematic Semester

To apply, simply fill out the application form and email it to Catrin Yeomans at Please have a look at the guidance notes.

The application deadline is Friday 30 June 2017.

If you would like to have an informal discussion before applying, please contact Catrin Yeomans or Jonathan Dawes at or on 01225 383404.