Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Commercial Research Associates

Our team of highly experienced Commercial Research Associates have a long track record of helping businesses and public sector organisations solve complex challenges. They provide short-term consultancy services or work with industry on larger joint research projects.

Our areas of expertise span a wide range of industries, including energy, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, natural resource management and pharmaceuticals. 


Dr Catherine BarnabyDr Catherine Barnaby 

Catherine holds a PhD in finite element modelling from Swansea University and an MSc in Operational Research and Applied Statistics from Cardiff University. She is also a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Before joining the IMI, Catherine worked as a Senior Statistician for NHS Blood and Transplant. Previous work experience also includes working for the Office of National Statistics. Her technical experience includes survival analysis and risk adjustment, analysis of observational data (using propensity scoring), innovative ways to calibrate surveys, and the use of statistical methods for quality control.

Before working in the public sector, Catherine worked in the electronics industry solving complex mathematical problems and managing design performance. Having worked at the interface of statistics and mathematics, within both medicine and engineering, Catherine has extensive experience of delivering innovative solutions to a wide range of challenges.


Dr Ellen MurphyDr Ellen Murphy

Ellen holds a PhD in Industrial Applied Mathematics and an MSc in Mathematical Modelling, both from the University of Limerick. Ellen completed her MSc and PhD within the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI), which is a network of mathematical modellers and scientific computational analysts working with companies to improve their products and processes through the application of mathematical techniques.

Industrial challenges Ellen has worked on include: contact lenses manufacturing; bubble nucleation in stout beer; powder mixing in silos for pharmaceuticals and modelling the gear mechanism in a wave-energy convertor.

Before joining the IMI, Ellen spent a year working for Huawei Technologies in Toronto, Canada, where she developed efficient hardware implementations of computer vision algorithms using machine-learning techniques.


Dr Lorna WilsonDr Lorna Wilson

Lorna holds a PhD in the behaviour of zero-crossings in continuous stochastic processes from the University of Nottingham and an MMath in Mathematics from University of Oxford.

Lorna has worked on a wide range of industrial mathematical problems, from analysing the decision making of chickens in commercial farms to modelling the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic. Her vast applied mathematical expertise includes statistical modelling, network modelling, probability and stochastic analysis. Specific research interests include the relative merits of – and the intersection between - stochastic and deterministic modelling, collective dynamics, complexity theory, network science, and econometrics.