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Commercial Research Associates

IMI's Commercial Research Associates (CRAs) bring advanced mathematically-based approaches to collaborations with business and academia. 

Our team of CRAs are highly versatile specialists in applied mathematics and statistics. They work across disciplines to provide expert input into wide ranging business and public sector challenges, including all aspects of big data analysis, mathematical modelling or the development of machine learning algorithms.

IMI's CRAs work with colleagues from across the University who contribute complementary knowledge in engineering, science, social science, humanities and management studies. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to tailor innovative and practical solutions to complex business problems.

The team also provides mathematical sciences expertise to academics and contributes to interdisciplinary research projects at the University


Dr Beathe ErhardtDr Beate Ehrhardt

Beathe is an applied mathematician and data analysis expert whose research interests include hypothesis testing methods, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, and optimal experimental design.
She holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics from UCL and an MSc in Mathematics from University of Bremen.

Recent ademic and commercial projects Beate has worked on include classification of X-rays using neural networks, design and analysis of complex experiments to inform decision making, social network analysis and complex customer data analysis. View Beate's full profile



Dr Laura HattamDr Laura Hattam

Laura is an applied mathematician who specialises in constructing multi-scaled models that can inform decision making in industry. Her research interests are in nonlinear waves, dynamical systems and modelling work related to the energy industry and traffic flow analysis. She holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Monash University a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Melbourne.

Recent ademic and commercial projects Laura has worked on include forecasting the uptake of low carbon technologies and its impact on the UK electricity network, development of an energy disaggregation algorithm for implementation with energy monitoring equipment, and traffic & fluid flow analysis. View Laura's full profile



Dr Lorna WilsonDr Lorna Wilson

Lorna is a mathematical modeller and data analysis expert whose research interests include stochastic analysis, deterministic modelling, collective dynamics and systems exhibiting periodicity or cyclic behaviour. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham and an MMath in Mathematics from University of Oxford.

Recent ademic and commercial projects Lorna has worked on include forecasting insurance losses resulting from typhoons, estimation of the resilience of cocoa farming to climate variation, analysis of the effect of voltage reduction on the UK power grid and optimisation of thermoacoustic energy-harvesting techniques. View Lorna's full profile


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