Institute for Mathematical Innovation

Support for workshops organised by academic researchers


Each year, we provide financial support for a number of workshops organised by academic researchers at the University of Bath.

A workshop is typically a 1-5 day meeting that brings together academic researchers providing an opportunity for networking, exchanging ideas, problem solving or identification of areas for collaboration. Participants in workshops may also include industrial researchers and practitioners.

We support workshops that fall within one of IMI’s six research themes as well as those that enhance external engagement or cross-campus collaboration involving either an element of mathematics or data science. 


How we can support you

If you are hosting a workshop, we can help you financially, with a grant of up to £1000 per workshop.


What we require from you

If Bath IMI supports your workshop, you must:

  1. Acknowledge our support in all promotional activities and include the IMI logo on workshop documents
  2. Send us the workshop programme at least of one month before the event
  3. Send us a one-page report about the workshop and its outcomes within one month of the event taking place. Please ensure you include the attendance list when submitting your report.

How to apply

To apply, simply fill out the short application form and email it to Catrin Yeomans at

All applications must be received at least two months before the start date of your workshop. 

For your application to be considered at the next Research Panel meeting, please send it to us by 12 noon on one of the following deadlines: 

  • Friday 24 March 2017
  • Wednesday 14 June 2017 

If you would like to discuss your application or any part of the application process before applying, please contact Catrin Yeomans at or on 01225 383404.



What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by IMI's Research Panel based on the extent to which they further IMI’s objectives of supporting the mathematical sciences, enhancing cross-campus research collaboration and growing external engagement.

We will let you know the outcome of your application following the relevant Research Panel meeting.