Internal Audit

About us

Internal Audit are a campus-based team of University employees who are organisationally independent of all of the University's operational activities. For management purposes we are linked with the Vice-Chancellor's Office. We report to Council via the Audit Committee and the Vice-Chancellor.

We provide assurance to Council and the Vice-Chancellor that key risks are being managed effectively and highlight areas for improvement.

Our findings help line managers develop effective policies, procedures and processes. All English universities are required by HEFCE to have an internal audit function.

Throughout the year we carry out objective appraisals of selected areas of the University’s activities. Most people are aware that we evaluate and test financial systems but a significant proportion of our time is spent looking at other areas.

Each audit demands a tailored approach and we draw upon financial, risk-based, systems-based, value for money, compliance-based and computer audit methodologies as appropriate. Occasionally we are involved in investigations of fraud or irregularity.

Independent advice

We encourage departments to approach us for independent advice and guidance on systems implementation, control and related matters. We find it is usually better to address such matters as systems are developed and before problems arise. We are happy to act as a critical friend subject, of course, to our need to maintain objectivity.

Measuring performance

We regularly monitor and evaluate our working practices to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with HEFCE's Audit Code of Practice, Annex A to the Memorandum of assurance and accountability and other professional standards. Audit Committee formally reviews the quality of the service delivered by Internal Audit.

Contact us

Contact Role
Tom Stanton
01225 385736
Head of Internal Audit
Andrew Bidwell
01225 385127
Senior Internal Auditor
Sue Revell
01225 383318
Assistant Internal Auditor