Internal Audit

Before an audit

Identifying areas to review

Internal Audit produces an annual audit plan which outlines the likely areas of our activity for the coming year. This is largely based upon our assessment of the risks facing the University. This plan is approved by the University’s Audit Committee.

We try to achieve a balance of work between specific risks, functions and processes and across different areas of the University.

We work flexibly, allowing us to respond to emerging risks identified by Internal Audit or managers during the year. Areas of high risk and impact are likely to be audited more frequently than other areas.

Our plans also include provision to build in ad-hoc reviews and investigations to allow us to respond to emergent risks.

Arranging an audit

We normally contact you a few weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the audit. We will arrange an initial meeting to establish some background knowledge about the area being reviewed and discuss the scope and timing of the planned audit work.

This is an opportunity for you to provide input to the scope of the audit, particularly if there are any issues or areas of special concern you have identified.

There is normally no need to prepare documentation specifically for the audit. We will confirm the audit arrangements with you in the form of an Audit Memorandum.