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Assessment and
Timetabling Assistant
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Kate Matthews

Assessment Administrator
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Yana Yevsiyevich
Assessment Administrator
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Diana Moore
Undergraduate Manager
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Lucy Venables
Assessment Administrator
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Madeleine Edden
Assessment Administrator
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Office email address: assessments@management.bath.ac.uk

School of Management Assessment Handbook

The School has an Assessment Handbook designed to help staff navigate the rules and regulations set out by the University and also to inform staff of the specific administrative practices and procedures within the School. Staff should familiarise themselves with its contents:

Full Version of the School of Management Assessment Handbook pdf (October 2016)

Full Version of the School of Management Assessment Handbook (word) (October 2016)

Feedback guidlines and examples

University Information and Key Reference Documents

QA Codes of Practice

New Framework for Assessment: Assessment Regulations

Individual Mitigating Circumstances

Regulations for Students

Student Records and Examinations Office

Calendar of meetings