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All items for the School's Staff Student Liaison Committee should be passed to Navdeep Uppal.

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Academic Year 2016/17

2nd May 2017
20th February 2017
12th December 2016
1st November 2016

Academic Year 2015/16

19th April 2016
15th February 2016
7th December 2015
29th October 2015

Academic Year 2014/15

21st April 2015
16th February 2015
8th December 2014
30th October 2014

Academic Year 2013/14

15th April 2014
18th February 2014
3rd December 2013
29th October 2013

Academic Year 2012/13

23rd April 2013
19th February 2013
4th December 2012
30th October 2012


Terms of Reference

(QA48 Annex A, Paragraph 3.2 refers).

  1. Provide a two-way channel of communication between staff and all sections of the student cohort about all aspects of the student learning and / or research experience.
  2. Confirm the membership and terms of reference at the first meeting each year and report this to the Board of Studies.
  3. Discuss and review the previous year’s SSLC annual report at the first meeting of the SSLC in the new academic session.
  4. Consider matters referred to the SSLC routinely in the course of review and monitoring processes, such as Good Practice Discussions, Degree Scheme Review, External Examiners’ reports and the associated responses, Feedback Policies and Annual Monitoring of Programmes (see QA54, QA13, QA12, QA16, and QA51 respectively).
  5. Comment upon proposed amendments to units and programmes affecting existing students (see QA4).
  6. Comment upon the results of, and contribute to the formulation of action plans in response to, surveys of student opinion, such as Unit Evaluations, the United Kingdom Engagement Survey, National Student Survey (NSS), the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES), the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) and other internal and external university student surveys.
  7. Consider annually the operation of the personal tutor system (see QA33).
  8. Consider any other matters referred to the SSLC by other departmental, Faculty/School/ Learning Partnerships Office or institutional committees.


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