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Reporting Mechanisms

The Research Student Committee will report to the Board of Studies via its minutes.

Secretary to the Research Committee: If you would like further information about the Research Student Committee for the School of Management, please contact Mrs Suzanne Swallow extn 6162, or email:


Membership 2015/16

Chair - Dr Panos Desyllas
Associate Dean for Research - Professor Andrew Brown(ex officio)
Director of Studies (Research) - Dr Panos Desyllas
Director of Studies (DBA HEM) – Dr Robin Shields
Director of Studies (MRes) - Dr Katharina Chudzikowski
Director of Studies (Eng D) - Professor Andrew Graves
Co-opted members from a wide range of subject groups
Information Decision & Organisation – Dr Christos Vasilakis
Strategy & Organisation- Professor Yiannis Gabriel
Accounting, Finance & Law - Dr Richard Fairchild
Marketing, Business & Society- Professor Pierre McDonagh
Student representative – Ahmed Al-Imarah (annually reviewed)
In attendance: Secretary to the Committee – Mrs Chris Barnes

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Terms of Reference

Approved by Senate 9th June 2010.

The Faculty/School Research Students Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies for overseeing all matters concerning postgraduate research students, including:

  1. PROGRESSION: detailed consideration and monitoring of the progression of students registered on research degrees on behalf of the Board of Studies (with the exception of approval of the recommendations of Boards of Examiners, which remains the responsibility of the Board of Studies); this includes transfers and named candidature forms eg between MRes and MPhil, and MPhil to PhD as well as monitoring of progress reports on at least an annual basis, in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations and QA statements; recommend appropriate action where this is required and promote dissemination of good practice in respect of all aspects of research student progression; approval of restriction of access to theses up to a maximum of three years;
    review and monitoring of research degree provision (including completion, submission and attrition rates);
  3. SYSTEMATIC ANALYSIS OF FEEDBACK: from a range of internal and external stakeholders; for example from, but not limited to, Research Councils, HEFCE, external examiners, directors of studies and postgraduate research students; taking appropriate action in response to such feedback in order to improve provision;
  4. INDUCTION: reviewingthe provision of induction activities in the Faculty/School on an annual basis;
  5. GENERIC SKILLS TRAINING: monitoring take-up and effectiveness of Generic Skills Training within the Faculty/School;
  6. SUPERVISION: monitoring and ensuring provision of consistently high quality supervision for all research students within the Faculty/School, ensuring that individual supervisors do not assume responsibility for supervising inappropriately large numbers of students;
  7. RECRUITMENT AND ADMISSIONS: the overview at Faculty/School level of postgraduate research student recruitment andadmissions;
  8. TAUGHT COMPONENTS OF RESEARCH DEGREES: Monitoring quality and effectiveness of taught course components of research programmes within the Faculty/School by receiving reports from unit boards where appropriate and where necessary recommending changes.


Frequency of Meetings

The Research committee will meet at least three times in each semester, with additional meetings arranged as appropriate.

Meeting Dates


Academic Year 2015/16

Thursday 17th Sept 12:30 (WH C.Chamber)
Wednesday 4th Nov 12:30 (8W 3.6)
Wednesday 2nd Dec 12:30 (WH 3.36)
Wednesday 20th Jan 12:30 (8W 1.29)
Wednesday 9th Mar 12:30 (WH C.Chamber)
Wednesday 27th Apr 12:30 (8W 1.29)
Thursday 2nd June 12:30 (WH C.Chamber)

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